Training for Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofit organizations are often eager for staff training—but only if it’s practical and linked directly to their specific problems. There’s simply no time to indulge in abstract classroom learning.

The NonProfit HelpDesk takes a holistic approach to training, creating programs that are tailored for nonprofits – their mindsets, their staff, and their culture. We combine education with mentoring to train participants how to solve problems, and understand challenges, today – not next month or next year.

NPHD instructors build lasting relationships with students, going beyond the classroom to offer coaching and mentoring while students are working. Students get support in immediately applying what they’ve learned in an effective way. NPHD gets crucial feedback from the field, which allows us to continuously improve our educational offerings.

High Demand Training for Nonprofits

Each year, NPHD offers courses and webinars taught by practicing experts in each field. Management, staff and board members of DYCD-funded nonprofit organizations can attend these courses and webinars at no charge.

Check out our current course offerings in each area:

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