Diversity Training

The nonprofit community is known for its broad spectrum of diverse staff, clients, and causes. This diversity poses challenges in how to deal effectively with those from different cultures and experiences, while also offering opportunities to leverage that diversity.


NPHD training designed to impact, empower, educate and train individuals and groups to leverage diversity as a positive collaborative strength.

For Whom?

Any individual, organizational leader, manager, or lay leader, group or community seeking to raise awareness, understand diversity practices, and contribute to more humane and respectful services and a more positive workplace.

What You Will Learn From Diversity Training

  • To view the “dignity of difference” between diverse individuals, organizations and communities as a true strength
  • To mobilize a diverse team to work toward a common goal
  • To build authentic, meaningful relationships that cultivate understanding and trust
  • To break limiting stereotypes and promote change from within
  • To become aware of inclusion training practices, discrimination, forms of harassment and legalities
  • To understand how culture relates to different styles of communication, and to improve intercultural communication

Impact You Can Expect:

  • A more empowered, educated and collaborative work place
  • Greater value give to uniqueness and differences
  • Authentic and direct communication that cuts through cultural stereotypes
  • Opportunities for diverse voices to be heard without discrimination
  • The breakdown of personal bias and stereotypes
  • Self-awareness and consciousness-raising as the key to a peaceful, compassionate planet


How Is It Delivered?

NPHD Diversity Training workshops will be conducted as interactive half-day or full day training sessions. Our efforts will include lectures on relevant research, discussion of current events, analysis of case studies, role-plays, improvisational games and a theory-based practicum designed to fit the customized needs of each particular organization.

Date: TBA


Place: Brooklyn College, Graduate Center for Worker Education, 25 Broadway, New York, NY

Fee: If you are a DYCD contractor the fee is covered by DYCD.


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