Financial Management

Nonprofit organizations want to make a difference, and making a difference on a sustained basis requires financial well-being. At NPHD, we are fiscal management experts with a thorough understanding of financial issues that arise in a nonprofit setting.

Whether you are a start-up organization, or an established entity, our financial management consultants can help you achieve the financial health that is essential to fulfilling your mission. We will do a comprehensive assessment of your existing financial systems and requirements, and identify where there are gaps in financial management procedures and their implementation that need to be remedied.

The assessment will address your organization’s proficiency in:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Payroll
  • Cash management
  • Accounting
  • Budgets and tracking performance vs. budget
  • Preparation and presentation of financial statements
  • Important disclosures
  • Developing and implementing internal control policies
  • Filing tax forms
  • Being “audit ready”

Once the assessment is complete, we can:

  • Help you establish new policies and procedures where needed


  • Train your internal staff in proper procedures to strengthen performance where required and address unmet financial management needs


  • Provide selected or comprehensive financial management services on an outsourced basis, whether on an hourly basis or through a worry-free contract. Outsourced financial management services may have a comprehensive scope, be limited to specific regular activities such as bookkeeping and accounting, or focused on specific “peak period” activities such as preparing for yearly audits, or filing taxes.

Outsourced services can be provided onsite or on a remote location basis.

NPHD’s financial management consultants include CPAs and other financial wizards with a myriad of specialty skills to best handle every facet of your organization’s financial structure.

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