Building Strong Communities, by Building Strong Nonprofits

The NonProfit HelpDesk was founded in 1992 as a help desk providing technology support to small nonprofit organizations located in New York City. We helped them to master the learning curve presented by computers, networks, and operating systems, and to maximize the benefits that they could obtain from the technology.

Now, more than 20 years later, we have worked with more than 2500 nonprofit organizations of all sizes, to help them function more efficiently in fields far beyond technology. We provide essential management training and organizational development services, enabling nonprofits to streamline internal operations, enhance leadership performance, and fulfill their mission at the optimal level. We enable clients to take a fresh look at their operations, and embark on new directions and positive growth.

NPHD services, training, and dedicated professional staff support our clients in becoming strong nonprofits that can maximize support to their clients and communities.

Our educational programs (workshops, seminars, and full courses) allow us to reach a broad audience at minimal (or in some cases, no) cost. We train employees and executives on such issues as board development, fundraising, financial management, and yes, technology.

Our affordable, innovative consulting services cover a broad range of topics, including executive coaching and leadership development, human resources assistance, business continuity planning, and many others.

NPHD is a project of the Jewish Community Council of Greater Coney Island.

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