Executive Coaching

Do you have a middle or senior-level manager or executive who you would like to see grow into a greater scope of responsibility? Or would you like to strengthen a manager’s skills in team leadership or other skills, resulting in improvement in your organization’s services or structure? Perhaps you want to accelerate your own learning curve, or would like support to implement a large-scale organizational, strategic, or cultural change.

NPHD offers affordable one-on-one executive coaching customized to the needs of your organization and the individuals involved.

We use our TREE® model to identify where the client needs to stretch to reach their greatest potential, and then support them to insure positive change. Phases in this model include:

  • Thoughtful assessment, including agenda-setting with the person being coached and their supervisor, psychometric assessments of motives and values, and a 360 degree feedback review
  • Reflecting with the client on their leadership impact, as revealed by the many forms of feedback provided, to raise their level of self-awareness
  • Exploration of alternative ways to approach problematic areas, using both one-to-one sessions and experiential learning
  • Evaluation of progress

Ultimately, NPHD Executive Coaching assists the client to make changes resulting in stronger leadership capabilities.

Each coaching client is given access to their own online, confidential virtual space in which they can “meet” with their consultant or coach, receive written assignments, share their work with the consultant, and receive feedback.

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