Consulting Services

Nonprofit organizations face multiple challenges on a daily basis—fundraising, financial management, board development, information technology, and others. Chances are that you are facing at least one challenge where you wish there was someone you could turn to for consulting advice. There is—turn to consulting services from the NonProfit HelpDesk.

NPHD’s consulting allows you and your organization to reboot, create new goals and objectives, set new directions, and grow. The NonProfit HelpDesk (NPHD) provides high quality, affordable consulting services that target the areas that we have found most problematic to nonprofits. We can help you implement strategies, procedures, and processes that will bring your organization success.

Consulting and coaching clients are given access to their own online, confidential virtual space in which they can “meet” with their consultant or coach, get access to videos, articles, and homework assignments, share their work with the consultant, and receive feedback.

Whether you require help in one specific area, or on multiple fronts, our professional consultants are ready to assist. Our consulting services include:

Business Continuity Planning: Preparation to reduce the impact of an unpredictable accident or natural disaster

Building Diversity: Training customized to your organization’s unique needs, focus on diversity in executive coaching, policy and procedures to meet regulatory requirements

Executive Coaching: Affordable one-on-one executive coaching customized to the needs of your organization and the individuals involved, using the NPHD TREE® model to identify where the client needs to stretch to reach their greatest potential, and then support them to insure positive change.

Financial Management: From general setup and implementation of internal controls to ongoing management and board responsibilities

Fundraising: Insight to building strategy and tactics, along with coaching for your staff on building relationships and cultivating donor interaction.

Governance: Assistance in building a competent, professional board of directors who use their talents to further your mission, and on revising by-laws to meet the needs of today’s organization

Human Resources: Expert help with talent development, establishing roles and responsibilities, establishing and documenting policies and procedures, and writing job descriptions and performance evaluation processes that will provide legal protection for your organization

Leadership: Development solutions for executives and senior leaders that result in powerful change within a short time span.

Technology : Harness the power of software and hardware, while benefitting from professional technology implementation.



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