When the technologies that support our nonprofit organizations break down, our operations are crippled. At best there is a profound drop in productivity; at worst we’ve lost vital data, records we need to help our clients on a daily basis, the ability to share information with other staff members, sometimes pretty much our entire ability to function.

NPHD can help you prevent this kind of scenario, whether by handling selected services ourselves or instructing your staff on how to handle them. Our roots are in supporting nonprofit organizations with technology, and while the technology has certainly changed, the need for support remains.

We provide insightful, knowledgeable instruction, consulting, and outsourced services addressing anything from the entire spectrum of technological needs to debugging software problems for an individual user. NPHD can assist your nonprofit organization by:

Handling emergency needs, such as trouble-shooting a problem during year-end processing when routine support can be hard to find

Evaluating existing systems, assessing how they facilitate or obstruct productivity and how well integrated they are

Assessing the effectiveness of programmatic and management software in relation to your specific organizational needs

Advising on selection of, and purchase and install hardware and software, including backup and security systems, printing devices, network cabling, switching and routing,

Advising on selection of services including cloud storage, Internet Service Provider (ISP), and web hosting

Training staff on use of new hardware or software

Monitoring technology performance on an ongoing basis

       Fast response—clients are never down for more than 24 hours

Our services are available on a project, hourly, or “no-worry contract” basis. We are often able to do our work remotely, saving space in your office and reducing cost. NPHD has received excellent feedback for this affordable service.



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