Leadership Development

Today’s nonprofit organizations need leaders who are both visionary thinkers and effective at taking action. Continued organizational success requires identifying and developing future leaders and managers for your organization. Leadership skills need to be continually developed and improved over time.

NPHD provides leadership development solutions for executives and senior leaders that result in powerful change within a short time span. We can help your develop your high performers with everything from training programs, to several months of leadership development services with multiple touchpoints. These might include:

  • Competency modeling
  • A cultural appropriateness audit
  • Cultivating specific skills
  • Aligning your managers with the mission of the organization

One of the core aspects of leadership development is succession planning—identifying the potential development paths within the organization for high performers, determining the skills needed to fill higher-level positions, and making sure that those who may move into those positions develop those skills. NPHD can assist you with succession planning, whether to meet short-term or longer-term needs.                                                                                                                                                                             


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