Human Resources

NPHD can help your nonprofit capitalize on its most precious resource: your employees. Getting the most from your staff requires a well-defined organizational structure, established policies and procedures, and clear expectations for employee performance. You need to develop internal talent, and shape the staff into a cooperative team.

We can help you create a work environment that allows your employees to flourish, with:

  • Executive coaching of your high performers, to help them grow into management roles and further develop their skills
  • Defining roles and responsibilities so that there is accountability throughout the organization
  • Creating or updating a policies and procedures manual that establishes tasks and standards in each area, and how they are to be performed / enforced
  • Developing job descriptions, providing a well-defined framework for evaluating performance and recruiting new employees
  • Screening, hiring, and training the right people
  • Support in developing your team members and their ability to work together productively
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