Building Diversity

Within the last decade, attention to workforce diversity has grown exponentially. The nonprofit community is especially known for its broad spectrum of diverse people and causes. Appropriate behavior by employees and managers within a workforce diverse in age, race, ethnicity, religion, GLBT identities, disabilities, and changing gender and family roles is essential both legally and for the harmony of the workplace environment.

NPHD’s services relevant to workplace diversity include:

  • Training customized to your organization’s needs: In addition to our regular workshops on diversity in the workplace, NPHD will provide customized diversity training sessions based on our assessment of the specific needs of your organization.


  • Addressing issues of diversity in executive coaching: Diversity can require particular consideration in management development. When working with coaching clients, we weave in guidance on Intercultural communication and respect for cultural nuances and behaviors. We discuss the manager’s role in promoting workplace diversity. By making people self-aware, we can help promote behavior that in turn supports success in a diverse environment.


  • Policies and procedures to meet regulatory requirements: NPHD can advise you on best practices in diversity management, conduct a review of policies and procedures that relate to regulatory requirements on non-discrimination, recommend any revisions required, and highlight requirements for avoiding EEOC claims.


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