Organizational Reboot Series (ORS)

New Direction, Improved Success, That’s ORS

To be successful today, your nonprofit needs to think and plan like a business. NPHD’s Organizational Reboot Series is a comprehensive curriculum designed to discover the untapped potential of your organization, reboot your nonprofit organization for greater impact in your community and achieve greater outcome based goals.

We offer this as a workshop, and for those who want more hands-on attention and assistance we offer related consulting services. We can provide assistance with one or more modules of the Organizational Reboot program that are particularly challenging for you, or if you prefer, we can assist with the entire process. Assistance is provided via telephone and web conferencing, and on-the-ground presence as necessary.

The four components of the full process include:

  1. Alignment of Stakeholders and Staff is absolutely critical for moving forward with any change program in the organization. The process must be designed to bring management, key staff, and your Board of Directors into alignment, so that you are positioned to successfully implement your new change initiative.
    • Project set-up and initiation defines a process for getting both staff and board buy-in as the project proceeds: Who are the key stakeholders in each part of the process and how will they be involved / kept informed as work proceeds?
    • An initial kickoff meeting involving key stakeholders may be appropriate.
  1. An Organizational Assessment
    • Analysis of the present state of the organization, including the state of branding and marketing
    • Assessment of competitors and partners
    • Assessment of clients/customers
    • External assessment, including the political, economic, social, and technology environment
    • A summary of organizational strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT)
  1. A Strategic Plan tied to the needs of your target clients and with your organizational mission. In this part of the process you set strategic goals, evaluate alternative strategies, and selects the strategies that you will pursue.
  2. An Implementation Plan for executing changes in service, partnerships, branding, and social media.
    • Sharpening your mission statement, and assuring that all key stakeholders are in agreement
    • Defining core services
    • Branding and marketing strategy
    • Social Media campaign

We also provide you with tools for change management and coaching and management tips.

In order for the ORS process to succeed, you must:

  • Commit two senior people from your organization to work with the NPHD team
  • Be engaged in the process
  • Involve senior leadership including the executive director and one or more members of the

Each ORS client is given access to their own online, confidential virtual space in which they can “meet” with their consultant or coach, get access to videos, articles, and homework assignments, share their work with the consultant, and receive feedback.



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