NonProfit HelpDesk (NPHD)

Building Strong Communities by Building Strong Nonprofits

The NonProfit HelpDesk (NPHD) offers services, training, and dedicated professional staff support to nonprofit organizations from community-based groups to city agencies, equipping them to address the multiple challenges that nonprofit organizations face every day. By helping our clients grow stronger, we assist them to maximize support to their clients and communities.

We provide essential training to management and staff, as well as related consulting services. Our educational programs (workshops, seminars, and full courses) allow us to reach a broad audience at minimal or (in some cases) no cost. These training and consulting services enable our nonprofit clients to streamline internal operations, enhance leadership performance, and fulfill their mission at the optimal level. We help clients to take a fresh look at their operations, and embark on new directions and positive growth.

Whether you require help in one specific area, or on multiple fronts, our professional consultants are ready to assist. Financial and technology services are also available on an outsourced basis.

NPHD is a project of the Jewish Community Council of Greater Coney Island.

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